Metrotile's steel roofs offer a great range of style and excellent durability. Supported by a 50-year warranty and appraised by BRANZ, you can be sure you are not only getting a great looking product, you will know it's going the distance.
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Metrotile’s most popular profile. Loved for its versatility, strength and speed of installation, the Shake profile is designed to enhance the shadow lines of the roof face and create visual contrast.


Metrotile’s Classic profile is defined by angular, sharp, clean lines and sloping edges to create added depth and enhance the dimensions of your roofline. This light-weight roof systems is often paired with brick homes but can look great on any build. Available in both Satin and Textured finishes, the classic profile is a top seller.


Metrotile’s Bond tile captures the refined look of a traditional-style roofing tile while incorporating the lightweight advantages of steel. Its distinctive scalloped profile complements any architectural style.


Metrotile’s Tudor profile exudes a traditional, European style. Its elegant and undulating form is well suited to both modern and traditional homes. Well suited to both barrel trim and V-ridge accessories.


Metrotile’s Royal tile features a textured finish in a shingle-type design. Unique in its form, this smart tile will add interesting dimensions and shadow lines to your roof. A visually interesting roof with the strengths and benefits of steel - a winning combination.


Metrotile’s Antica profile offers the strength and graceful features of Mediterranean tile. Its S-tile shape creates superior durability for a lifetime of elegance. Antica is available in a variety of colour blends and provides the classical appearance of traditional Mediterranean clay tile without the inherent weight and cost.

CF Shake

Metrotile’s CF Shake has a deep-ribbed profile that enhances the shadow lines and creates visual contrast. With their world-first fully Concealed Fastening (CF) system, screws are completely hidden from sight and the weather, delivering the ultimate in style and weather-security.

CF Shingle

Metrotile’s CF Shingle has been specifically designed to resemble the look of traditional Asphalt Shingles but with the superior strength and durability of steel. With their world-first fully Concealed Fastening (CF) system, screws are completely hidden from sight and the elements, delivering the ultimate in style and weather-security

CF Slate

Metrotile’s CF Slate has the lowest profile out of all Metrotile’s tiles and achieves a sleek look with subtle charm from variations in light and shade. With its exceptional durability. Featuring their Concealed Fastening technology, fasteners are completely concealed for the ultimate in weather security and style.

Fascia, Gutter & Downpipes

Often roofers will only install a roof, we believe that it’s important you can get a complete roofing solution. We can supply and install Fascia, Gutter & Downpipes so you have everything you need with the ease of dealing with just one company.

Other Metal Roofing

We have experience and delivering top quality solutions across all metal roofing options. This means we can work with you to ensure you get the best products and objective advice about what would be the best solution for your home.

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